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Sing along as shanties are explored by participation or dance to a selection of jigs, hornpipes and reels played on concertina or fiddle.


Knots & Names:

Ships are covered in ropes right? Might help if we teach you some basic knots to get you started. 

Securing your booty or those troublesome captives has never been so easy, we’ll show you the ropes...literally. 

But “avast”, you’ll have to talk like a pirate. Any parrot can say “pieces of eight” but we’ll teach you the basic terms you’ll need to know. There’s nothing worse than being “keel-hauled” for misunderstanding the Captain’s orders.


Famous or Infamous:

Learn about the famous pirates from Blackbeard to Calico Jack. And what about those suspiciously handsome lads, Mary Read and Ann Bonny? Strange, we thought women on ships brought bad luck? Someone obviously forgot to tell these two famous female pirates.



Please contact us for a more detailed activity description along with our suggestions on allocating spaces to get the most out of each activity.


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Program Outline

Paragraph describing the above subject matter in detail.

Paragraph describing the above subject matter in detail.

Paragraph describing the above subject matter in detail.


Best for...

Holiday Programs or Maritime and Pirate events.
View our brochure for our Pirate Holiday Program.


Requirments booking of this Program

 Good loading and unloading would be prefered as this activity may have some heavy equipment like a good hardy Pirate chest for example.


Program Actitivies available in this Package



Clothing at sea, from slops to stockings, tricorns and breaches.


Tools of the Trade:

You’re a pirate. Scaring people will get you everywhere, but you have to look like you know what you’re doing. We can show you the right end of a cutlass to hold and how it was used. 

We can also display other tools of the trade if required, such as a flintlock pistol, boarding axes, belaying pins and of course teeth.

(A demonstration sword fight is offered as part of this section).



Maritime and Pirates

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