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Program Outline

Our ‘out of your seat’ activities explore ancient Egypt, classical Greece and Rome. We bring an enthusiastic approach to sharing knowledge on how these three cultures made war, dressed and entertained themselves. These areas are explored through the use of reproduction costume and personal hygiene tools, armour, weapons and sporting equipment.

Activities are designed for groups of 20-40 students. 

Durations of between 45-60 minutes are recommended.


Program Actitivies



Students become gladiators! Trained by our gladiator coaches (or Lanistas), students dressed in armour fight with safe swords, tridents and nets for the entertainment of a fickle crowd of Julius Caesar (the teacher) and Roman citizens (their classmates).  Students gain an understanding of the beliefs, values and practices of ancient Romans in relation to violence, entertainment and funerary practices.

Gym or double classroom cleared of furniture is recommended for the arena.


Ancient Warfare

Students become ancient soldiers. Wearing recreated armour, helmets and holding weapons of war they demonstrate the development of warfare from ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. Students are invited to explore and try on the armour, shoes, helmets and clothing. Our presenters demonstrate ways of fighting that were the difference between life and death on the ancient battlefield. The contacts, trade and conflicts between Egypt, Greece and Rome are explored.

Standard classroom is appropriate for this activity.



Students are Olympians! The ancient Olympic games were very different from the Olympics of today. Students are trained in the ancient arts of the Olympic long jump with Jumping weights, sprint to a turning post and the use of ancient javelins. The religious beliefs, values and practices surrounding the Olympic games are explained. Students are invited to identify and explore the contrast between the role sport plays in our everyday life and lives of the ancient Greeks.

Large grassed area (A double classroom in case of poor weather)

Daily Life in the Ancient World

Students become slaves, farmers, priests, Spartans, philosophers, Athenian citizens, wealthy Roman matriarchs, the Pharaoh, Cleopatra and even Caesar himself! Students wear different clothing and handle day-to-day items which would be familiar to people thousands of years ago. Students also explore hands-on ancient makeup, deodorant, how to light your home and finally all the gross ways the ancients managed personal hygiene!

Standard class room is appropriate for this activity.

  • All replica costumes, armour, demonstration weapons, and day to day household items are reconstructed based upon multiple primary and secondary historical sources.

  • All weapons used by the students are made of foam. These weapons are made safe to use by children.

  • We encourage still photography in these sessions; we do however ask that video is not taken by students or teachers.


We can provide an incursion focused on a single culture
(Egypt, Greece or Rome) upon request.


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