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"The kids loved the day the feedback was super positive- best way to learn, so interesting, wished they had done it in year 7 too, so much info given in costumes, loved all the other activities as well. Huge thanks again."

Sharon Fellows - Rosehill SC




"I was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism, approachability and enthusiasm with which you all presented today. Many staff commented to me about your presentations and the students had a great time in each of the sessions. I think the expert knowledge, combined with an interactive approach to covering content as well as the practical ‘out of your seat’ elements of every session are the real strengths of your presentation."

Grant Exon - Kingswood College




"Thanks for the great incursion last week. The kids really enjoy it. Improvements: None of the students thought that it needed improvement. They all loved it and learnt a lot from it."

Natasha  Oxley - Melton Christian College




"Thanks to all participants for a great performance. Most professional"

M. Cameron - St. Josephs College




"The professionalism of the team was fantastic - it was well organised and, most of all, the students had a great time. They were able to reinforce a lot of their classroom learning with the sessions that were held on our Medieval Day. If you are looking for a different way to jazz up your Medieval unit, then here it is!”

Kylie Pritchard - Dromana Secondary College.




"Your engaging presentation drew together many of the themes of Medieval History we had studied in class throughout the semester.  It was an exciting way to conclude our study and to celebrate what it must have been like to be part of Medieval Society."

Clare Tuohy - Caulfield Grammar School




"Teachers thought the day was very beneficial to the students, overall most students were positive about it. I  can almost say with certainty, that we will have another one next year!"

Jennie Prentice - Mornington Secondary College.




"Thanks again for the excelent service your business provided on that day!"

Lucie Combret - Preshil, The Margaret Lyttle Memorial School



"Can I just say a massive THANK YE! Medieval Day was a really big success. The students were majorly engaged and I saw so many interesting questions being asked and passions being ignited. Definitely a day that made me feel lucky to be a teacher. Thanks so much for your participation."

Ben Lawless - Aitken College



"Thank you again for a great day. Your troop is professional, informative and entertaining. The girls had a blast. It was a pleasure to work with you."

Tina Allington - Lauriston Girls’ School




"From the beginning when you played the trumpet to the mass shield wall at the end, the kids had a great time and I was again impressed by the professionalism of your staff and the entertainment the teachers are able to get out of the day."

Julia Lloyd - Berwick Grammar School




"HUGE thankyou for your work with our students this week. Every single one of our students- both in Year 7 and 8, absolutely loved in the incursions. They were completely engaged throughout the entire time, and the way in which you present and completely absorb them into the historical periods is a true testament to your passion, knowledge and delivering of the topics!!

It sparked some awesome discussions in class and we’re now sure to end the year fully engrossed in Medieval and Renaissance learning!"

Faye Damianopoulos - Overnewton Anglican Community College




"The students really enjoyed the day – especially being able to participate in activities like dancing and dressing up."

Kerri Weidemann - Hillcrest Christian College




"The girls' and staff were impressed and learned a lot. It was a terrific, funny and informative day, so well done you all. As head of humanities I know that there will be much to use in classes next week. Please pass on our thanks to your merry band."

Amanda Vines - Clonard College




"It was a brilliant incursion, thank you very much. All comments from students and staff were very positive. Looking forward to the Medieval one next term."

Debbie Bretherton - Frankston High School



In previous years students visited Kryal Castle which has only been able to offer a small scale programme for students. For the last two years, the College has utilised the services of a group from Melbourne who have successfully presented a range of activities for the boys to experience. Titled “History Up Close”, the programme has involved instructors taking boys through a range of activities pertaining to life in Medieval times including music and dance, arms and armoury, heraldry, costume and games. Students enjoyed the day immensely with all getting into the spirit of the day by wearing their own version of medieval clothing.
St Patricks College - Ballarat

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